Our Farms: Achnaba Farm

Owners: A & M Buchanan

Achnaba Farm
North Connel
PA37 1RF

Name meaning:

Achnaba - means wooded narrows/the field of the cow.


The Buchanans have farmed at Achnaba since 1885. Lying on the North shore of Loch Etive, the farm covers low fertile plain up to high hill. Donald and Morag carry on the family tradition of rearing high quality Blackface sheep and cattle.

Points of Interest:

Farm house used to be a manse for a Rev Colin Campbell, a mathematician and astronomer of repute who corresponded with Isaac Newton. He inherited the farm of Drimvuick in the parish, but exchanged this for the farm of Achnaba in the late 1600s. SRDP for fenced off water wetlands and scrubland.

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