Our Farms: Kilbride Farm

Owner: Robert Craig

Kilbride Farm
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Name meaning:

Kilbride - Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Giolla Brighde (Irish) or Mac Gille Brighde (Scottish) 'son of the servant of (Saint) Brigit', more often Anglicized as McBride. The name Brighid (modern Brigit) means 'exalted'. Brighid was probably originally a pagan fire goddess, many of whose attributes became attached to the historical figure of St. Brigit of Kildare (452–523), founder of the first Irish convent.Scottish: habitational name from any of the various places with this name, from Gaelic cill cella 'room', 'cell')


A predominatly heather moorland farm Kilbride nestles at the head of Glen Feochan. Roberts Blackface sheep graze over Beinn Ghlas mountain close to the ancient Hill fort of Dunaidain, which covers approximately an acre and a half. The sheep thrive on a varied natural diet of heathers and mountain grasses. Robert farms 850 Ewes, 20 Tups, 20 Blue Grey Cows and 200 Hogs and the farm has been in the family since 1953.

Points of Interest:

The farm is also part of Butterfly conservation scheme. The farm house was painted yellow in the 1980's but after some renovation work was carried out, the original paint work was uncovered which turned out to be have been painted yellow in the 1700's.

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