Our Farms: Barndromin Farm

Owner: Jamie Mellor

Barndromin Farm
By Oban
PA34 4QS

Name meaning:

Apparently barn on the small ridge (amalgamation of Barn and Droman).


Barndromin's steep hillsides look West down onto Loch Feochan, so it rises from sea level to 1,000ft. Jamie moves his sheep flock to graze the grass for suitable levels for rare butterflies and the ancient oak woodland, which used to be coppiced for charcoal burning. He runs 300 Blackface sheep and 20 Aberdeen Angus cattle. The farm has been in the family since 1903 and is part of a moth and butterfly conservation scheme for the Marsh.

Points of Interest:

Marsh Fritillary, Transparent Burnet Moth and the Narrow bordered Bee Hawk moth rely on the sheep to create the right environment to live in.

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